Bookkeeping and Tax Administration

Comprehensive bookkeeping, tax, and payroll administration as well as other consultancy are the easiest way to use our services. You can have all your accounting and tax “concerns” resolved for just a monthly flat rate.

Bookkeepingtax optimisation, or personnel management may not prove to be difficult or costly for your company at all if you’re working with the right partner. In our company, we always do our best to enable you to fully devote yourself to your business without having to worry about these different business aspects.

You may be surprised by the fact that the package including all of these services is very affordable, with prices starting from 140 EUR per month for small companies (LLC). The service package includes comprehensive accounting services, personnel management, tax and other consultancy, optimisation of taxes and insurance contributions, and even the preparation of annual accounts!

We have been operating on the market since 2004, and the proof of the quality of our work is our portfolio of clients – representing more than 700 companies in two countries from sole traders to multinational corporations across various business sectors.

We believe that well-performing businesses need to have a stable and reliable partner that fully supports their objectives in both accounting and taxes. It is doubly true for these times of constant change, reforms, and legislative adjustments.

Our cooperation provides you with the following services:

  • Complete service from company formation, comprehensive accounting and tax services, personnel management;
  • One-off accounting service, reconstruction of accounts;
  • Making INTRASTAT reports, summary statements;
  • Accounting audit and audit of the financial statements conducted by an auditor (also according to IFRS);
  • Regular outputs of the accounts (balance sheet, profit and loss statement, purchase and sales ledger, management reports, and any other reports according to your requirements and needs);
  • Legal services - formation/liquidation of a company, commercial contracts of all kinds, legal advice;
  • Representation in debt collection or sale;
  • Communication and outputs of the accounts in both English and German.
  • Transfer pricing

All of these services are also offered for our clients in the Czech Republic. If you are interested in learning more about our offer, please ask for a quotation directly via the website

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We realize that one of the key factors influencing your decision is the price of our services. We will be very glad if you will be able to "tailor" the price of peace. You can help us by completing the form properly. We will contact back with an offer according to special characteristics of your company.

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