Company Formation

Company formation is a complex process that requires contact with the issues involved and knowledge of many laws and other types of legislation. We proudly offer a complete set of services, which includes setting up your company.

We can set up your new company tailored to your needs and relieve you of any excessive administrative work at the Companies Registration Office, Trade Licensing Office, tax offices, etc. Based on our communication with future partner(s) and managing director(s), we can prepare all necessary documents and submit them to the competent authorities.

The company founder is only required to make one visit to a notary public. As a bonus, we provide you with registration for income tax in the competent tax office and offer an excellent proposal for bookkeeping services. When setting up a single-member limited liability company with the domestic owner/managing director, the total price including registration for income tax is 500 EUR including all fees and charges in the Companies Registration Office and Trade Licensing Office (free trade).

When different combinations (foreign owners, several members, regulated trade, etc.) are involved, the price is individually negotiated due to several additional charges, like those needed for certified (sworn) translations, higher complexity, etc. However, the price is never significantly different. Upon request, we’ll set up your limited partnership, joint-stock company, or any other legal form.

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We realize that one of the key factors influencing your decision is the price of our services. We will be very glad if you will be able to "tailor" the price of peace. You can help us by completing the form properly. We will contact back with an offer according to special characteristics of your company.

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